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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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Filling Controller - Weights & Measures Approved
for Automatic Bagging Systems

IT8000E BAG is a universal fill control for use in gravity-fill applications of bulk material into bags.

The controller will connect to loadcells or scales of all types and weight ranges including for Ex-area applications, eg:
  • Floor scales
  • Built-in scales
  • Tension loadcells.

Single bags or batches can be filled in semi or fully automatic operation. Also selectable is gross or net mode.

The controller is available in two styles:
  • Compact stainless steel enclosure (IP65)
    for desk, floor-column or wall mounting
  • Panel-mount version.
Essential features:
  • Accurate fill control through fast signal processing, trend-sensing preact adjust- ment and weight tolerance control.
  • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operation via onscreen menus.
  • Operator prompting and permanent indication of status with clearly structured menus on color screen ensure fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.
  • Recording of all data of single bags or batches with optional hardcopy printout and/or data transfer..

IT8000E BAG controls the filling process via screw feeders, sliding gates or vibratory feeders. Optionally, bag clamps and the movement of bags onto and off the scale can be controlled.

Operation via clear operator display prompts is simple and ensures fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.

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