Flexibility with RTC WIN

The SysTec series IT6000E and IT8000E weighing terminals are freely programmable by means of the RTC programming language. RTC WIN  is a powerful tool for this language enabling the programmer to design reliable, user-friendly programs in a short period of time.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Implement customer-specific adaptations quickly: with the RTC WIN  programming language, you can program individual applications yourself or have them implemented by SysTec
  • Easy to learn: RTC is based on the widely used programming language 'C'
  • Seminars and support: SysTec makes you fit in RTC WIN
  • Use ready-made functions: faster to the target
  • Solving control tasks: with powerful software modules
  • Safe testing: with the simulation environment

The complete application program can be developed on a PC and tested in a simulation environment before it is loaded on the target hardware.

Programming with RTC WIN:

  • Programming with RTC follows the structure of the popular programming language 'C'.
  • It includes very powerful functions that already provide complete dialogs to enter data or choose options
  • It allows to design a user interface for the terminal in a surprisingly short period of time
  • If required, complex parts of a program can also be written with the standard 'C' vocabulary.

Control tasks:
Powerful modules are available for the realization of complex control tasks in real-time.

These modules are already part of the operating system and include several fieldbus systems such as Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus and others, but also digital and analog inputs and outputs. They can be implemented in an application program with just a few statements.

Subject to licensing

Our software is subject to obtaining a valid RTC WIN software license. Free programmability permits the design of custom specific programs for SysTec weighing terminals and the adaptation to specific requirements.

RTC WIN  features:

  • Editor with full support of the RTC programming language, e.g. with colored syntax highlighting
  • High performance compiler with integrated preprocessor for efficient program design
  • Execution of program in full-fledged simulation for two scales and digital I/Os
  • Powerful print format editor for fast design of printouts with drag and drop
  • Terminal emulation for interactive testing of individual functions
  • Debugger with comprehensive test and diagnosis tools
  • Service tools, e.g. to backup databases or to upgrade the operating system

Programming made easy:

  • Functions for data entry in databases or the selection of functions are readily available
  • The layout of print formats is configured with drag and drop, the pertaining program code is generated automatically
  • New program functions can be quickly tested in an interactive terminal emulation

Data capturing and process control at the same time:
The multitasking operating system enables simultaneous data capturing via keyboard or scanner and the control of digital I/Os in a background program. In many cases this eliminates the need to install a separate PLC.

Training and support:
SysTec offers RTC WIN introductory courses. Check out our seminar section.

RTC WIN  installation / scope of supply:
RTC WIN  can be installed in English or German and runs on PCs with the Windows® operating systems Vista and Windows 7/8/10.
The USB stick contains the complete program development environment, a tutorial in English and German in PDF format and a collection of program examples as reference.

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