Separation Module TS-...-1

Intended use

The TS-...-1 can be used to connect a model IT8000Ex or IT3000Ex weighing terminal to a fieldbus (Profinet, Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP or Modbus® TCP) via the intrinsically safe 10mA interface. The device also provides the power supply for the connected weighing terminal from non-hazardous areas.

ATEX approval
The TS-...-1 must not be installed in hazardous area. The internal 10mA separation module is certified for: II (2)G [Ex ib Gb] IIC (gas) II (2)D [Ex ib Db] IIIC (dust)

Power supply
100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Operating temperature
–10 °C (+14 °F) to +40 °C (+104 °F), 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing

W x H x D:  B x H x T: 400 x 121 x 242 mm

Integrated modules

  • Fieldbus module for Profinet, Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP or Modbus® TCP.
  • Ex separation module TS10mAEx with intrinsically safe 10mA interface to connect to the external intrinsically safe 10mA interface of the IT8000Ex or IT3000Ex weighing terminal.
  • Internal power supply unit to provide power supply for the internal components as well as the IT8000Ex or IT3000Ex weighing terminal.
  • Internal Ethernet connection module with RJ45 socket to connect to IT CONFIGURATOR  for service purposes


  • TS-Ethernet/IP-1 with two M12 sockets.
  • TS-Profinet-1 with two M12 sockets.
  • TS-Profibus-1 via internal screw terminals.
  • TS-Modbus-1 with one M12 socket

IT8000Ex and IT3000Ex:
Power supply and data line via internal screw terminals.

Connection cable for Ethernet/IP / Profinet / Modbus® TCP
with M12 and RJ45 connector or two M12 connectors for non-hazardous area


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