PC COM+: program for the communication with weighing terminals

PC COM+  is a readily available communication object (also: Active-X / OLE object) for connecting weighing terminals with ONLINE  mode to Windows programs.

In combination with the IT ONLINE program, the functions of the weighing terminal can be remotely controlled, eg read weight, tare scale, display prompt, enter data, etc.

The use of PC COM+  simplifies data exchange between PC program and weighing terminal significantly, because it replaces the otherwise required low-level programming of so-called WinSockets. PC COM+  is your program for the communication with weighing terminals.

PC COM+  permits the connection of up to 30 series IT1, IT3, IT2000M, IT4000E, IT6000E(T), IT8000E(T) weighing terminals to one or several PCs.

  • Connection via serial interface or over local Ethernet network, optional Multidrop operation over RS485 network
  • Interface parameters and protocol can be set separately for each device

Built-in test function
Commands can be entered in a dialog box and transmitted to the weighing terminal. The valid response or an error message is displayed. This provides

  • Simple test of connection to weighing terminal
  • Testing of ONLINE instruction set without any other program


  • Log file for errors and exceptions or for the complete communication
  • Storage of data in the W&M approved data archive on the PC's harddisk in combination with PC ARCHIVE software
  • Client / server operation for access from several PCs to one weighing terminal
  • Optional password protection for configuration and interface parameters.

System requirements
PC COM+  runs under Windows NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10.


PC COM+: program for the communication with weighing terminals

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