SysTec - corporate ethics

Honesty and trust

We know that our success not only depends on the quality of our services and products, but also on the relationship with our customers and suppliers. Therefore, our cooperation with business partners is based on honesty and trust. We adhere to the appropriate standards and also demand the same from our business partners. In detail, this means that we only place orders with our suppliers under fair and objective aspects. On a daily basis we treat them with the respectful manner that we in return also want them to show for us.
We have a clear preference for long-term customer relations versus short-term business aimed at generating maximum profit. Sustainability is the utmost goal in the cooperation with our customers. In our day to day contact with our customers, we demonstrate this with friendly, respectful and accommodating behavior and discretion in the handling of sensitive information.
To maintain our integrity we will not accept gifts from our suppliers if they are intended to gain advantages. We will also not give presents to customers and business partners with the intention to demand favors or services in return.
We trust that only adherence to these principles can guarantee long-time gain of respectability and professionalism in the market and a first-class corporate image. This is the top priority for our company.

Secure jobs

We do not limit our endeavors for safety and health of all employees and visitors of our company to statutory obligations. We know that order and cleanliness at the workplace increase safety and prevent accidents. Everybody is doing their best to minimize risks, and everybody can freely express concerns and make proposals. We believe that accidents can be prevented and that anything should be done to do that in the most effective way.
We are not only aware of physical health, but we also want to avoid stress-related disorders such as burnout or depression. We take any sign for this seriously, regard them as diseases and exercise due care in meeting our obligations.
We know that any form of injury due to an accident or a disease is not only unpleasant for the person concerned, but it also hampers our entrepreneurial activities and thus affects everybody. We pay attention to safe workplaces and a good working atmosphere.
As developers of software, we are fully aware of the specific risks attached to this. Loss or theft of data or IT sabotage, e.g. with computer viruses, represent very serious risks and can lead to catas¬tro¬phic results for our company.
In a similar way as accidents cause physical damage, also these risks can lead to substantial financial damages. Therefore, we exercise great caution in the handling of our IT systems and take utmost care to guard us against potential hazards from outside.
We believe that these precautionary measures reduce risks for our customers and thus contribute to the long-term trusting relationship.

Enhancement of product value

In the manufacturing process of our products we take into account that they are the result of extensive developments and investments. We consider adherence to appropriate safety, quality and environmental standards not only as an obligation, but even more as a personal responsibility for our long-lasting success.Thus, our endeavor is not just to comply with the minimum standards with the least possible effort, instead, it is our aim to meet high standards, ensuring best quality and safety, recognized by our customers as true value enhancement. Proposals for quality improvement are always welcome. We register complaints and evaluate them carefully in order to avoid similar occurrences in the future and to contribute to long-term quality improvement. Implementation and monitoring of control mechanisms are applied stringently and without exception.
We know that we are part of a chain consisting of suppliers, customers and end users and that our success or failure has immediate effects on all links of this chain. We not only assume responsibility for our activities, but also for all enterprises in this chain and also expect this awareness from our business partners.

Employee satisfaction and motivation

A healthy working environment is the basis for our innovations, motivation and our entrepreneurial ambitions. We know that this makes our performance more valuable and that the success of each individual and the organization as a whole depends on it. For us, observance of human rights, gender equality and the payment of fair wages are a matter of course.
Neither nationality, religion, world view, nor gender, sexual orientation, age, family status or disability have an influence on offers for regular training, career development, options for personal fulfillment or our objective criteria for recruitment. We believe that our high standards of a healthy working environment will also attract highly motivated applicants (m/f/d), thus ensuring sustainable growth for the company.
We trust that all of us act with best intentions and with the aim to accomplish the best for the company. We demand fair and respectful conduct towards one another and we do not tolerate any form of intimidation and harassment. If there are signs for deviation from these principles, they can be brought to the attention of the employee's superior without the risk of sanctions and with the assurance of the necessary confidentiality.
Employee appreciation is not reduced to their work capacity, instead it comprises their whole personality. This is the reason for us to put a lot of emphasis on a good work-life balance. Options for flexible management of working time and active support for the establishment of a corporate pension plan underline this approach.
We believe that with team spirit the performance of the team is much bigger than the mere sum of the individual performances.


Fair competition

A free market and the resulting competitive environment is the basis for the prosperity of our modern society. With this understanding we are open for new markets, position our company as a fair competitor and act with self-confidence. We strongly condemn all forms of unfair entrepreneurial conduct, such as involvement in cartels with agreements on prices and quantities, corruption, fraud, bribery, extortion, or the violation of human rights, child labour, forced labour and human trafficking. We also do not tolerate that on the part of our business partners. Even if practices of this nature are accepted in certain parts of the world, a relationship to business partners in these regions cannot be established on such a basis.
We develop products inspired by our findings from objective market research and suggestions from our customers. We gather information on our competitors and their products solely through sources accessible to the public. Neither do we introduce products to strategically influence competitive markets, nor do we use price dumping to exercise direct pressure on competitors.
In order not to limit our customers in the choice of a product, we prefer technical standards over proprietary developments. We are open to the idea of industry standards that improve compatibility / interoperability among products from various suppliers.
We protect ourselves against potential risks with insurance policies, however use premiums with high self-contribution as incentive to act with caution, but also to avoid burdening our products – and thus our customers – with extra cost.
We believe that a fair and responsible presence on the market is regarded as a positive example setting a high standard for our industry.

Environment and sustainability

Protection of the environment is important to us because environmental damages not only affect the present but also all coming generations. Costs for today's waste of resources, overexploitation of nature and environmental pollution cannot simply be accounted for in the future. According to scientific research, human-induced CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming.
When we take decisions, we consider their effects on the environment and choose a careful but at the same time economically acceptable way.
By sustainable use of resources, raw materials, and products we minimize wastage. We consider the aspect of sustainability when we choose packing, logistics, and energy consumption for both our products and our office equipment. By using waste separation we contribute to recycling.
With the option to update operating systems and firmware of our weighing electronics we make sure that they can be used over an expanded life span.
We believe that we have many opportunities to actively pursue environmental protection and act with environmental awareness without the burden of inappropriate financial expenditure.

Protection of intellectual and physical property

We value our own and third-party intellectual property in the same way as we value our own and third-party physical belongings. Even if intellectual property – in contrast to physical property – could be copied at will without exclusion from use or deterioration of performance, we accept its value and our responsibility to protect it.
For this reason, and as a matter of principle, we do not use software unless we are in possession of a legally acquired license. Software development requires innovation and investment, if it is not rewarded with the purchase of a license, there is no incentive for further developments.
We respect this principle and demand from our business partners the same respect when they use our intellectual property.
We believe that intellectual property such as innovations, developments and software must be considered and valued as creation of entrepreneurial value in the same way as all other products. With this understanding, and respectful interaction, the investment into future innovations is encouraged and a contribution rendered to a substantial welfare gain for everybody involved.

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