IT3 Blackbox (Ex2/22) - SysTec

The IT3 Blackbox (stainless steel housing: IP67 / IP69K) is suitable for applications requiring W&M approval. It is ideal for difficult environmental conditions and offers high hygienic standards, such as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The blackbox can be mounted outdoors, e.g. at the scale structure. The connection to the PC network or to a SysTec weight indicator is made via Ethernet or via an RS485 connection with a cable length of up to 500 m.

In addition, SysTec offers a blackbox version for hazardous areas (IT3 Ex2/22 Blackbox). This complies with ingress protection IP65 / IP67.

Application areas IT3 blackbox

  • Truck scales
  • Simple filling systems
  • W&M approved weighing terminal in the PC network
  • Fieldbus terminal for weighing and batching
  • Weighing terminal in hazardous area (ATEX; zone 2 and 22)
  • W&M approved for use as non-automatic weighing instrument (in combination with SysTec indicator or the approved PC software PC ScaleView
  • Easy installation: calibration and configuration are carried out via a SysTec indicator or a PC with the SysTec configuration software IT CONFIGURATOR
  • Precise weighing: the weight is displayed on a PC with the approved PC software PC ScaleView  or on a SysTec indicator. For the connection to the IT3 Blackbox an existing PC network cable or a low-cost cable for RS485 connections with a cable length of up to 500 m can be used instead of a new load cell cable.
  • Robust: stainless steel housing (ingress protection IT3 Blackbox: IP69K; IT3 Ex2/22 Blackbox: IP65), all cable entries via tight cable glands, suitable for harsh environmental conditions and high hygienic requirements, e.g. in chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing plants
  • Easy to integrate: iInto PC networks or fieldbus systems
  • Hazardous area: for installation in hazardous areas SysTec offers the IT3 Ex2/22 Blackbox version

Connection to scales with analog strain gauge load cell(s) with an input impedance of 43 Ohm to 3.3 kOhm (e.g. for eight 350 Ohm loadcells). Also connection via zener barriers is possible, at an input impedance of 87.5 Ohm to 3.3 kOhm (e.g. for four 350 Ohm load cells), W&M approved resolution 10,000 d. Internal resolution 524,000 d; update rate 50–800/s, smallest loadcell signal 0.33 µV/e

Option to connect digital force transducers of various manufacturers (also for applications requiring W&M approval)

Calibration as single or multiple-range scale with 1, 2 or 3 ranges or as multi-interval scale. Calibration with test weights or through entry of rated output of load cell(s), option for the linearization of the load curve. Calibration with PC program IT CONFIGURATOR  (SIM-NET module required). Transmission of all calibration data to/from PC with printout.

Weight display                                                                  
Via Ethernet interface, W&M approved use as NAWI in combination with a separate SysTec weighing terminal or with the PC software PC ScaleView


    One SIM socket for:

    • Serial interface to connect a PC, printer, remote display, selectable RS232 or RS485 4-wire. Printout configurable with PC tool IT CONFIGURATOR
    • Ethernet module to connect to TCP/IP networks or a network printer. Remote diagnosis is possible via Internet
    • USB module to connect a USB printer
    • DUAL-ISM to connect a single- or dual-channel incremental sensor (pulse wheel)

    One extension socket for:

    • SIM-ETH3 module providing a second SIM socket
    • Fieldbus module for Profinet, Profibus DP or Ethernet/IP
    • Shift adjust board for 4 load cells

    One socket for digital inputs/outputs or analog output:

    • 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, opto-isolated, 24 V DC, outputs for setpoint monitoring or simple filling applications, inputs for start of weighing and taring or start/stop of filling. Also to control traffic lights or barriers directly at the scale
    • Additional digital output
    • Opto-isolated, 24 V DC, for +/– check or setpoint monitoring.
    • Analog output
    • 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA, 0–10 V or 2–10 V, 32,000 divisions, for analog output of weight


    Data interface

    • Communication using SysTec online protocol with commands for taring, zero setting, reading of weight etc.


    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22


    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22
    EN 45501EN 45501
    OIML R 76-1OIML R 76-1
    EN 61000-6-2EN 61000-6-2
    EN 61000-6-3EN 61000-6-3
    EN 62368-1EN 62368-1
    OIML R 61OIML R 61
    WELMEC 8.8WELMEC 8.8

    EU type examination certificate

    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22

    NTEP type approval

    as indicating element
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22

    ETL certified

    in compliance with UL 62368-1 and CSA C22.2 Nr. 62368-1
    IT4000EIT4000E Ex2/22


    in compliance with FCC part 15
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22

    Measurement Canada: type approval

    as indicating element
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22


    type approval as indicating instrument
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22
    IT3 BlackboxIT3 Blackbox Ex2/22
    -ATEX approval for Ex zones 2 and 22