Weighing terminals for W&M approved counting scales

High precision. Fast action. Intuitive handling.

SysTec weight indicators are ideal for counting scales. Our W&M approved indicators ensure fast and highly precise determination and feeding of parts counts and weights. Counting scales, also called parts counting scales, divide the weight by the determined or entered reference weight (piece count) or by the set or determined number of pieces (piece weight). Digital counting scales offer significant cost advantages and enable time savings for warehouse, logistics and production personnel. Manual parts count recording would be too error-prone and too cost-intensive.

We know that time is a decisive factor in piece count and weight determination. That is why our weighing electronics are designed for rapid determination of measured values and can be adapted precisely to your application. Our W&M approved weight indicators feature large, bright weight displays. This allows the operator to quickly see everything at a glance. The high connectivity is another advantage. SysTec weighing systems offer numerous interfaces for PC networks, printers and remote diagnostics. The rugged stainless steel housing of the weighing indicators is ideal for industrial environments. Alibi memory ensures safety. Our ready-to-use software programs for piece counting applications help you reach your goal quickly. Of course, the weighing terminals can also be customized.

Whether incoming goods, warehouse, production or shipping - SysTec weighing electronics have proven themselves in numerous applications for parts counting. Counting scales help you to determine unknown quantities, to check known quantities and to accelerate portioning processes and picking.


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    7 good reasons for SysTec weight indicators for counting scales

    1. Simple operation of the robust W&M approved weighing indicators (stainless steel case; IP69K)
    2. Fast and precise weighing, counting, totalizing, plus/minus checkweighing, automatic optimization of reference weight and optional feeding by piece count
    3. Several taring options and tare memory for counting scales
    4. Bargraph display with color change for setpoint control and feeding
    5. Option to connect up to 3 scales of any design
    6. Easy integration into PC networks as well as printer and scanner connection
    7. Competent consulting and technical support

    Typical applications: parts counting

    Parts counting terminals are used in a wide range of applications, such as:

    • for inventory taking – with master data file for up to 1000 articles,
    • for incoming goods – with capturing of pertaining data via keyboard or scanner,
    • for production purposes – with plus/minus check, precise feeding to target and print functions
    • for logistics processes – with connection to your ERP system.

    Counting scales reduce the workload on personnel and enable higher efficiency in the range from milligram to kilogram.

      Configuration example with weighing terminal IT8000E <i>BASIC/COUNT</i>
      Configuration example with weighing terminal IT8000E BASIC/COUNT
      Configuration example with weighing terminal IT4000E <i>BASIC/COUNT</i>
      Configuration example with weighing terminal IT4000E BASIC/COUNT
      W&M approved as NAWI,
      with weight storage
      Connection for PC network
      and remote diagnosis
      Custom-specific modifications--
      Alphanumeric keyboard---
      Number of scales2233
      Entries in article file-101,0001,000
      Entries in tare file-10100100
      Online task in background--
      Recording of data on printer
      Data transmission to host
      Storage of weighing data
      (internal memory, USB stick)
      Selection of label print--
      Intermediate tare
      Multiple tare--
      Number of Ids2666
      Automatic feeding by count--
      +/- Check-
      Automatic piece weight optimization

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