Weighing indicators for animal scales

Weighing animals with weighing electronics from SysTec

In agriculture, animal scales are important for quality control. The demands on weighing technology are high. Animal scales are designed for rapid weight determination of moving loads. SysTec can offer customized animal weighing programs. Our weighing indicators have filter settings for live animal weighing. Thus, you get precise measurement results, even when the animals are moving on the scale.

Animal scales for livestock - scale displays

SysTec digital scale displays are used for both individual animal scales and group animal scales. The robust SysTec weighing terminals in stainless steel housings are ideal for weighing animals in the weight range from 30 to 3000 kg. The range of animal scales covers e.g. cattle scales, calf scales, pig scales, sheep scales. In the veterinary field, horse scales are designed as floor scales.

Weight indicators for electronic feed weighing troughs

In order to control and measure the feed intake of animals, electronic weighing troughs are used in modern farms. With electronic transponders / ear tags, cows can access the feed trough and receive the amount of feed allocated for them. The weight history of the individual animals can be controlled. SysTec offers weighing electronics and control solutions.

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    Weighing terminals for electronic feed weighing troughs

    Before new types of animal feed are launched on the market, they are tested and optimized in research institutes. For this purpose, the respective feeding quantities of the cows and calves are determined. With transponders / ear tags, the animals can access an electronic feed weighing trough. Depending on the trial, individual animals are fed the new feed types over a longer period of time.

    The feed and water intake per animal is weighed, recorded and evaluated over the entire day for each feed trough. The company Waagen Döhrn uses SysTec weighing indicators for this application.

    7 good reasons for our animal scale indicators

    1. Robust stainless steel design (IP69K). SysTec's scale indicators / weighing terminals are ideal for harsh environments of livestock scales / animal scales.

    2. Fast and precise weighing of animals due to special filter settings for live cattle weighing, high weight value resolution and fast measured value processing

    3. Large bright scale display / electronic weight display

    4. Extensive data acquisition, evaluation and storage options

    5. Easy integration into PC networks

    6. Excellent technical support

    7. Customization / optional control functions

    Animal scales: fields of application

    • Farming, agriculture
    • Breeding farms
    • Veterinary clinics, veterinary
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Zoo

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