FAQs and tips on the topic of job application

HR expert Andrea Nass gives answers to the central questions

How can I submit my application?

We appreciate individuality – right from the start of the application process. For this reason, we support multiple ways of job application.

Those who wish to apply in a fast and simple way can use the button “Quick Application”. This button can be found on the respective job advertisement pages of our website. Here, job seekers can simply enter the link to their Xing or LinkedIn profile. If the profile essentially matches the job description, we may request further documents in a second step.

Of course, we are also happy to receive more detailed applications via email.

Job advertisements that we post on job platforms also contain an application form.


Which documents are important for an application? Are there certain file formats that you prefer?

We want to gain a comprehensive picture of the applicants’ qualifications. Informative documents in PDF format are therefore very helpful (CV, optional cover letter, relevant references).
If job seekers opt for the quick application, they can submit these documents at a later stage, as already mentioned.


How important is a photo? Is it even still necessary?

We are happy to receive a photo, but it is not mandatory. Whether an application is submitted with or without a picture has no influence on our further decisions. What counts are the qualifications and motivation.


What does the application process at SysTec look like?

After the documents have been reviewed by Human Resources and the specialist department, we provide the applicant with a timely response. We place a high value on lean processes and a respectful communication. This includes prompt feedback.

If the qualifications match the advertised job, we invite the candidate to an interview. The respective manager, the Human Resources Department and, for certain positions, the Executive Manager take part in the job interviews. If several applicants are considered for selection, a second interview or a trial working day may take place.


How can applicants prepare for the interview?

It is important to us to have an authentic, honest conversation. It is always an advantage if we notice that the applicant has been thinking about the future tasks. We do not presuppose a detailed knowledge about our business segment, but we do appreciate if applicants have looked at our products and values on our website in advance. During the interview, we offer plenty of space for introductions and to talk about professional experience, achievements and projects.


How long does a job interview take?

We usually plan 60 minutes for the first meeting.


Are there opportunities for trial working days?

Indeed, we think that trial work is a good opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the tasks, the team and the company.

Interested in working for SysTec?

We are looking forward to your application

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