SysTec software (downloads)

EDS files Ethernet IP (20191114) 
Configuration tool Profinet IO (V1.0900.1.5857) (do not use  for Ethernet/IP) 
IP configuration SysTec Ethernet (EtherPort Tool 3.5.2.) 
GSDML files Profinet (20191114) 
GSD files Profibus DP (20191114) 
IT1 application firmware (V1.68.R225_20240528) 
IT3000M application software (V1.53.R163_20180418) 
IT3 application firmware (V1.67.R162_20240515) 
IT4000E application firmware (20230202.01) 
IT Manager for SFW files (V0.5.5_R13017_2023014) 
PC remote display (2.0) 
Teamviewer Client 
Firmware IT9000E (V3_20150714.1.IT9E) 
I4-Firmware IT3000M, IT6000E, IT8000E with approval Id 15487782
I6-Firmware IT1, IT3, IT2000M, ITx000E, ITx000ET with approval Id 15487782
        ATTENTION: For this update a current version of the RTC WIN (from version 3.5.0)
        and/or the IT CONFIGURATOR (from version 1.5.0) is required. After installing the
        update, the terminal will no longer be accessible with older versions of these programs!
      ATTENTION: This update is not suitable for ITx000ET (touchscreen) with production date before 2014.
I6-Firmware simulation (V4.I6_R13455_20240611_Sim.update)
      The simulation update can be used already, but the included dynamic port allocation
      will not be available until the next release of RTC WIN.
I6-Firmware ITx000E with approval Id 15487782 (V4.I6_R12294_20220713)
      For IT4000E/IT6000E/IT8000E with 64 MB flash memory and production date before October 2013.
      For further information please refer to Service Info 2023-08-25.
Configuration software remote display 20FER115 / 20FEA115 (Z-PROG-PS07) 
Configuration software remote display 20FER45 (Z-Prog_PS-01) 
IT1/IT3: Update of the Operating System Component for the NovRAM
       With some devices of type IT1 / IT3, an error message regarding the battery buffering and
        also an associated reset of certain parameters may occur after frequent switching on and off,
        although the buffer battery has sufficient remaining capacity.
        The present update fixes the problem without the need of updating the entire firmware.

SysTec software (downloads)

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