SysTec software (downloads)

EDS files Ethernet IP (20191114)
Configuration tool Profinet IO (V1.0900.1.5857 (do not use  for Ethernet/IP)
IP configuration SysTec Ethernet (EtherPort Tool 3.5.2.)
GSDML files Profinet (20191114)
GSD files Profibus DP (20191114)
IT1 application firmware (V1.62.R218_20220712)
IT3000M application software (V1.53.R163_20180418)
IT3 application firmware (V1.60.R154_20220712)
IT4000E application firmware (20220628.01) 
IT Manager for SFW files (V0.4.12_R11994_20211112)
PC remote display (2.0)
Teamviewer Client
Firmware IT9000E (V3_20150714.1.IT9E)
I4-Firmware IT3000M, IT6000E, IT8000E with approval Id 15487782
I6-Firmware IT1, IT3, IT2000M, ITx000E, ITx000ET with approval Id 15487782
      (V4.I6_R12294_20220713) Use in production as of July 13th, 2022. 
Previous version: V4.I6_R11872_20210901
I6-Firmware simulation (V4.I6_R12294_20220322_Sim.update)
Previous version:  V4.I6_R11872_20210901_Sim.update
Configuration software remote display 20FER115 / 20FEA115 (Z-PROG-PS07)
Configuration software remote display 20FER45 (Z-Prog_PS-01)

SysTec software (downloads)

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