ScaleRemote: App to control scales & plants

*Product Preview*

App for display and operation of SysTec weighing indicators on Android & iOS mobile devices

The ScaleRemote App makes your service more efficient and saves you time. Far away scales and plants can effortlessly be monitored and controlled.  The app is designed for communication with the following SysTec weighing indicators: IT9, IT6000E(T) and IT8000E(T). ScaleRemote runs on smartphones, tablets and computers.

The app allows to fully operate the scale, set the scale to zero, tare or view the alibi memory. In addition, you have an overview of events (e.g. completion notifications, possible malfunctions, etc.).

Pleae note: In order to use the app to for IT6000E and IT8000E, special programming must be carried out by SysTec for customers with new devices.

System requirements: The ScaleRemote app runs on mobile devices with Android versions 7 (Nougat) to 13 (Tiramisu) and iOS versions 12 to 16.



    The app for scale professionals
    The app for scale professionals

    ScaleRemote App for iOS and Android

    Remote monitoring for scales
    Remote monitoring for scales
    Overview: scales
    Overview: scales

    Mobile and flexible with the ScaleRemote App

    • Simply mirror the display and operation of the SysTec weighing indicators IT9, IT6000E(T) and IT8000E(T) on your smartphone, tablet or PC
    • App for android and iOS devices
    • Permanent remote display of the measured weight values
    • You can make the same entries and control the same functions from your smart device that you know from your SysTec indicators
    • The safe and encrypted connection between the app and the scale is made via WiFi or via an Internet connection
    • You can connect your mobile device to several weighing indicators
    • Licensing is tied to the respective SysTec weighing indicator


    Connection to SysTec weighing indicator(s) via WiFi

    Display of weight values and additional information:

    • Name of scale or weighing indicator(s)
    • Scale number (W1...)
    • Weight value and unit and scale status information
    • Display of gross, net, tare (switchable)

    Representation of additional weight displays

    • Reduced size of main display
    • Can be switched to main display by click

    Scale function keys

    • Can be deactivated individually (controlled by RTC and/or scale driver)
    • Key assignment: scale switching, zeroing, tare, manual tare, x10 resolution, toggle unit


    • Display of data archive (alibi memory), events, log (firmware overview, versions, Linux licenses), service mode access (currently only IT9)


    • Display and interaction with the respective running application

    Scales: overview

    • Can be displayed by swiping across the screens from the left to right
    • Overview of scales currently not connected
    • Can be used to quickly jump to the respective indicator

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