PC ScaleView : W&M approved primary or secondary weight display for PC or mobile devices

PC ScaleView  is a weight display program for Windows PC or mobile devices to monitor one or several weighing terminals. The software can be used as a W&M approved primary or secondary display. It is ideally suited for the communication with series IT1 / IT2000M / IT3 / IT4000E / IT6000E(T) / IT8000E(T) weighing terminals.

PC ScaleView  is suitable e.g. for PC-controlled truck scales as well as any other industrial or commercial application requiring an approved weight display.

PC ScaleView  transfers the current weight data captured by the weighing terminal via Ethernet, so they can be displayed in real-time on the authorized device's monitor. This eliminates the need to install – for instance – a separate indicator for blackboxes or an additional remote display.

PC ScaleView  – at a glance:

  • W&M approved first or second display of the current weight
  • Access the terminal's W&M approved data archive
  • Communication via secure, encrypted Ethernet connection
  • Connection of one weighing terminal to up to 4 devices possible
  • Connection of one devices with any number of weighing terminals possible
  • Remote monitoring of weighing stations without interfering with the application program
  • Individual configuration of the access rights of each device (e.g. taring, zero setting)

System requirements
PC ScaleView  runs under Windows operating systems from Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit).

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