Reaching goals faster: with your SysTec service tools!

The SysTec service tools simplify and accelerate the realization of weighing tasks - from the comfortable parameterization or configuration of your weighing terminals to customer-specific application adaptations. Reaching goals faster: with your SysTec service tools!

Quick weighing terminal configuration via PC
Would you like to configure your weighing terminals conveniently via PC? Simply use the SysTec software IT CONFIGURATOR  and save time by simply replicating the same parameters on additional weighing terminals.

  • Establish connection and get configuration
  • Edit and send configuration
  • Archiving the parameters
  • Loading the same configurations on multiple devices

Adjust print formats

Do you want to change print images of weighing documents quickly and easily via PC? No problem. With the IT CONFIGURATOR  you will get the desired result faster.

  • Establish connection and get all print formats
  • Select ticket, change, add, move or delete existing texts and variables
  • Group multiple fields
  • Save tickets and send them to the weighing terminal

Edit databases

Almost all weighing terminal applications use databases in which specific information is stored. This data can be viewed and edited directly on the weighing terminal. It is more comfortable on the PC with the software IT CONFIGURATOR.

  • Master data input during commissioning
  • Change, add, duplicate or delete a record
  • Load the same database on several weighing terminals
  • Backup and archive databases

Other useful IT CONFIGURATOR functions

  • Loading of new firmware and/or application programs
  • RTC MONITOR  display/operating window for monitoring and remote control of weighing terminal programs
  • Tool for remote diagnosis via internet

Free programmability with RTC WIN

The development environment RTC WIN  enables the creation, simulation and testing of application programs for the SysTec weighing terminals IT6000E and IT8000E.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Implement customer-specific adaptations quickly: with the RTC WIN  programming language, you can program individual applications yourself or have them implemented by SysTec
  • Easy to learn: RTC is based on the widely used programming language 'C'
  • Seminars and support: SysTec makes you fit in RTC WIN
  • Use ready-made functions: faster to the target
  • Solving control tasks: with powerful software modules
  • Safe testing: with the simulation environment

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