Scales for agricultural vehicles

W&M approved SysTec weighing indicators in use at Lippe Agrar

Whether agricultural logistics, grain trading, compound feed production or agricultural consulting - Lippe Agrar Handelsgesellschaft mbH is an established agricultural trading company offering a wide range of services. The premises are always bustling with activity - up to 50 vehicles are weighed every day. The weighing of the loaded and unloaded vehicles takes place at robust scales from Waagenbau Dohmen, with integrated W&M approved IT8000E weighing indicators provided by SysTec.


Key facts

  • Two W&M approved truck scales (up to 60 t)
  • Driver-operated weighing transaction with identification via transponder card
  • The first weighing takes place when the vehicle enters the premises. After loading or unloading, the second weighing is carried out when the vehicle leaves the premises
  • At the silos, drivers can release the filling of the vehicle by transponder card


Scale for tractors, trucks and other vehicles
Scale for tractors, trucks and other vehicles

Copyright photo: Lippe Agrar Handelsgesellschaft bmH

Agricultural scale with SysTec weighing electronics



  • IT8000E: W&M approved and robust SysTec weighing indicators for continuous vehicle scale operation
  • Connection of remote display
  • Scale design with driver-operated self-service station by Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH
  • DoProfi software for processing of IDs and additional information

Customer benefits

  1. Robust SysTec weighing indicators for outdoor use
  2. Driver-operated weighing speeds up processes
  3. Digitalised weighing processes
  4. Efficient loading and unloading using transponder cards with stored master data of the respective customer 
  5. Workload reduction due to intuitive self-service stations and digitalised weighing processes
  6. Accurate weight determination - smart weighing systems
  7. Easy integration of the weighing electronics into the overall system thanks to various interfaces
  8. User-friendly application software for vehicle scales

The project

Lippe Agrar has contracted Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH with the realization of new vehicle scales with SysTec weighing electronics IT8000E. At two locations of the agricultural trading company, vehicles are weighed that are loaded and unloaded with agricultural goods.

The goal is that the new scales, in combination with existing silos and new silos to be built, enable largely automated vehicle loading and driver-operated weighing. Efficient weighing processes and robust weighing electronics are important to ensure productivity of agricultural logistics.

At a glance: IT8000E

  • W&M approved application possible as automatic and non-automatic weighing instrument (approved in EC, US, etc,)
  • Universal use: Numerous application programs – e.g. TRUCK/ONLINE E  for truck scales
  • Adaptation to custom-specific applications: Freely programmable
  • Robust: Stainless steel housing (protected to IP69K)
  • High ease of use: Bright TFT color display 5.7“ with wide viewing angle and large-character weight display, alphanumeric keyboard
  • ATEX: For installation in hazardous area SysTec offers the variants IT8000E Ex2/22 and for zone 1/21 model IT8000Ex
  • Various designs: Wall-mount/desk-top version as well as panel-mount version for installation in control cabinet
  • Numerous interface options: 2 internal and up to 6 external scale connections, can be integrated into PC networks via Ethernet or WLAN, connection to label printers and network printer, PLC connection via fieldbus
  • High operational security: Data storage power fail safe, password protection, battery-backed realtime clock, remote diagnostics via internet possible

Product page: IT8000E

Flexible with weighing indicator IT8000E

SysTec’s W&M approved weighing indicator IT8000E has proven itself in vehicle scale applications and offers great flexibility when connecting load cells or weighbridges. The compact and robust design with tight stainless steel housing allows the use even under difficult operating conditions. With the TRUCK/ONLINE E  application software, SysTec offers many useful standard components for vehicle weighing. In addition, the terminal can be customized to adapt it to the requirements of a specific project thanks to the inherent free programmability with RTC WIN  and multiple interface options.

Initiation of first weighing with transponder card
Each driver entering the premises has a transponder card containing the respective customer data. Drivers can use these cards to start the first weighing at the driver-operated terminal by holding them up to a scanner, whereupon customer data are assigned to the data of the first weighing. The IT8000E weighing indicator enables approved intermediate storage of the first weight data.

Vehicle loading at the silos
After successfully capturing the first weight, the driver can drive under one of the silos and hold his transponder card in front of a scanner at the silo. All scanners are connected to the DoProfi software via network and release a contact at a dead man's switch. By pressing this switch, the driver can load his vehicle himself. In the DoProfi software, product grades can be assigned to the silos so that by holding cards at the scanner, the software can determine which grade was loaded.
This grade is assigned to the weighing data. In addition, it is possible to block loading at individual silos or to release it only for certain customers.

Second weighing
After loading, the vehicle drives back onto the scale for the second weighing. The driver again scans his transponder card. The data assigned to the card are stored together with the product type and weight values and are transmitted to an inventory management system. The customer receives a printed receipt and can drive off the scale. As a result, the self-service concept enables autonomous 24-hour operation.



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