Smart disposal with automated weighing process

Automated ● efficient ● robust: SysTec weight indicators for landfill

Rheinische Baustoffwerke (RBS) is a large producer of sand, gravel and building materials with disposal capacities. In Hürth Ville, Germany, RBS operates a modern landfill for mineral waste. In order to realize efficiency gains in the operation of the truck scales on the premises, RBS relies on an automated weighing solution designed by PFREUNDT and equipped with smart SysTec weighing indicators. PFREUNDT considered especially RBS‘ operating requirements during development of the project.


The key facts

  • Completely automated weighing process
  • 2 inbound truck scales at the entrance with driver self-service terminals and 2 vehicle scales at the exit
  • Recording of weighing data on RFID cards
  • Logging of the unloading position (storage of GPS data)
  • Legally compliant material sampling processes

Products in use:


Weighing 4.0 - system solution

Automation is a key lever at RBS to become faster and more efficient. For this reason, RBS relies on digital weighing processes. When it comes to designing and implementing the weighing technology solution for the landfill in Hürth Ville, RBS opts for a PFREUNDT system solution and the smart SysTec weighing indicators.

“We developed the system solution specifically for RBS‘s operational requirements. It covers all processes from the completely automated weighing process, including initial and secondary weighing of the trucks, to material sample documentation during the dumping processes and commercial procedures at the exit,“ says Mark Terbrack, application consultant and specialist for system solutions at PFREUNDT.

Check-in: entrance scales

Both truck scales operate with an automatic check-in. The truck drivers, who already possess RFID cards from RBS with recorded master data for the loaded material, can simply hold the card up to the reader at the self-service terminal. There is no need to get out of the vehicle, the processes run run very smoothly.

The self-service terminal displays the unloading point, all order-relevant data, and also the material to be dumped. The truck driver actively confirms the data at the terminal. At check-in, an RBS employee can use a camera to carry out a visual inspection of the loaded material and, if there is any suspicion, arrange for unscheduled sampling of the load. For new customers not yet registered, an RBS employee issues a new card.
The truck scales are equipped with a traffic light system. If the system is not ready for use, this is signaled by the flashing red light. When the scale is zeroed, the traffic light is green and the truck can drive onto the scale. After weighing, the truck starts to the designated unloading point.

IT3 SysTec weighing indicators for truck scales
In addition to the outdoor secondary displays for the weight values, four SysTec weighing indicators of the series IT3 are located in a container house of the landfi ll. The weighing indicators are used for weight value recording and control of the truck scales.

Dumping and material samples

Legal regulations define classification of materials requiring monitoring. In accordance with the high safety requirements, material samples are repeatedly taken during the unloading process and checked by an RBS supervisor. Each supervisor has a mobile device that reads the data from the RFID cards of the truck drivers via app and logs the unloading point via GPS coordinates.

The supervisor checks whether the truck is at the correct dumping point. In addition, the date and time of the dumping and the type of material are saved on the card. There is a random check of the materials. As soon as a sample is required, this is indicated to the supervisor on the mobile device - and the sampling starts with digital logging.

Check-out and weighing data approval
Finally, the weight of the unloaded truck is recorded at the outbound scales. The driver signs the weighing data approval and receives the delivery note.
That's how smart disposal with digital weighing processes works!

Benefits: weighing system

  1. Automated PFREUNDT system solution saves time and resources - high productivity, lower operating costs
  2. More throughput: No more queues at the entrance, as trucks can be quickly dispatched by means of digital truck scales with self-service terminal
  3. Precise accounting of weighed and delivered materials
  4. Robust SysTec weighing indicators for outdoor use
  5. Gapless digital documentation of the disposal process on RFID cards
  6. Fast processing of the data by ERP connection
  7. High operational reliability due to self-suffi cient system: the solution is designed in such a way that power supply is sufficient in case of temporary failures of the online connection

"PFREUNDT has always had a high commitment to innovation and quality - this is also appreciated by our customer RBS. The weighing electronics must meet this demand. That‘s why we rely on SysTec weighing indicators and terminals: robust, digital, W&M approved and the systems have a convincing operating concept.“

Mark Terbrack, application consultant and specialist for system solutions, PFREUNDT GmbH

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