Truck scale with self service station for mills

W&M approved SysTec weighing electronics in use at Scheller mills

The traditional company Scheller Mühle GmbH is one of the largest milling companies in Germany. High-quality mills products such as wheat flour, semolina and many more are convincing in terms of quality. As an example, the product line 'Mehlzauber' ('Magic Flour') was named by the trade paper 'Lebensmittel-Zeitung' one of the 100 most successful brands in the trade. The Bavarian company has two production facilities with busy logistics operations. State-of-the-art truck scales with intuitive self-service stations ensure precise and efficient handling of truck movements. The scales were designed and installed by Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH, which relies on powerful SysTec weighing terminals of the IT8000E type.


The key facts

  • 2 production facilities: durum wheat mill with 200 tons, soft wheat mill with 300 tons per day
  • W&M approved truck scales with driver-operated function
  • Automated license plate recognition when truck arrives at scale with data retrieval from ERP system
  • Simple check of zero point via large character display before the truck drives onto the scale - with option to correct setting via keyboard of operating terminal



Vehicle scale with self service station
Vehicle scale with self service station

Copyright photo: Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH

Scheller Mühle

Scheller Mühle

Copyright photo: Scheller Mühle GmbH

Weigh trucks efficiently

Weigh trucks efficiently

Vehicle scale with SysTec's weighing electronics

Copyright photo: Scheller Mühle GmbH



  • IT8000E: W&M approved and rugged SysTec weighing terminals for continuous truck scale operation
  • PC ScaleView  from SysTec as approved weight indicator
  • Connection of additional devices, e.g. remote display
  • Truck scale design with self-service station by Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH
  • Intercom system at the scales enables communication between operator and Scheller office staff


Customer benefits

  1. Optimization and acceleration of weighing through partially automated processes after license plate recognition
  2. Reduced personnel workload thanks to intuitive self-service stations and digitized weighing processes
  3. Accurate weight determination - smart weighing systems
  4. Easy integration of the weighing terminal into the overall system through interfaces
  5. Robust and durable SysTec weighing terminals for outdoor use (IP69K)
  6. User-friendly application software TRUCK/ONLINE for truck scales
  7. Four different systems communicate with each other: The IT8000E weighing terminals, the ERP system, the software DoProfi and the silo management
  8. High operational security: The complete weighing process is monitored by cameras (incl. video storage on the server)

From Pfaffenhofen to the entire Federal Republic of Germany

Thanks to innovative technology and investments, Scheller Mühle, founded in 1843, today has a production volume of 500 tons per day - up to 15,000 metric tons of grain are stored in 32 cells for the different product varieties.

To transport branded goods such as 'Mehlzauber' from Pfaffenhofen in Bavaria to destinations all over Germany, numerous truckloads have to be weighed and dispatched every day.

To make this as efficient as possible, Scheller has invested in innovative truck scales supplied by Waagenbau Dohmen. The goal is digitalized weighing processes fully integrated into the software architecture.

'In our eyes, the IT8000E weighing terminal has proven itself as the best for such complex applications. Without the flexibility offered by the IT8000E and its complex customization options,  customer-specific projects of this nature would not be possible for us', says Marvin Dohmen of Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH.

At a glance: IT8000E weighing terminal

  • W&M approved as non-automatic and automatic scale, (approved in EC, USA, etc.)
  • Universal use: Numerous standard application programs
  • Customizable: Free programmability
  • Robust: Stainless steel housing (ingress protection IP69K)
  • High ease of operation: Bright TFT color display 5.7" with wide viewing angle and large weight display; alphanumeric keyboard
  • Ex-area: For hazardous areas SysTec offers the version IT8000E Ex2/22 and for zones 1/21 the version IT8000Ex
  • Several housing options: Wall-mount / desk-top version as well as version for panel-mount installation
  • Numerous interfacing options: 2 internal and up to 6 external scale connections, can be integrated into PC networks via Ethernet or WLAN, connection to label & network printer, PLC connection via fieldbus
  • High operational security: Powerfail-safe data storage, password protection, battery-backed real-time clock, remote diagnosis

Scales with self-service stations

At the newly built W&M approved vehicle scales on the premises of the Scheller factory, control cabinets were installed equipped with SysTec weighing terminals type IT8000E. The truck drivers can enter the required data easily and quickly at the self-service stations. This accelerates the weighing process and reduces the workload on personnel at site. Camera systems automatically read the license plate and data stored in the ERP system can be retrieved.

The network and interface capability of the SysTec weighing electronics is of great advantage here. Four different systems communicate with each other: the IT8000E control system, the ERP system, the DoProfi software and the silo management.


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