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SysTec’s industrial weighing indicators & controllers are rugged, universally applicable and W&M approved for international use. Our legal-for-trade weighing indicators are designed to meet the needs of scale builders, plant engineers and system integrators.

Weighing, batching, controlling - easy to realize with SysTec’s weighing electronics. Convince yourself: discover our proven weighing indicators for industrial scales! The portfolio ranges from cost-efficient scale displays for simple tasks to high-end weighing terminals for demanding weighing, batching tasks and customized tasks. We have the right weighing terminal for every application.

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IT1 is a cost-effective industrial weighing indicator for standard applications. W&M approved. Robust. For industrial scales.
The W&M approved IT1 FAZ remote display is designed for connection to any type of SysTec weighing terminal.
The DKU is a universal remote operating unit for SysTec Blackbox devices or weighing terminals. It can be used as primary or secondary display.
The IT2000M weighing module is intended for precise weight measurements with all types of scales using strain gauge loadcells.
The compact IT3 weighing indicator is W&M aprroved. Ideal for harsh environments (IP69K). Versatile weighing terminal: universal use.
IT3 Blackbox with scale connection & data transmission interface. Rugged stainless steel housing: (IP67/IP69K). W&M approved.
Robust weight indicator for harsh industrial environments. Universally applicable for various scales. Ideal for weighing & batching tasks.
IT5: compact weighing indicator with touchscreen for industrial applications. Space-saving weighing electronics for panel-mount installation.
The weight indicator IT6000E is W&M approved & ideal for industrial scales. Robust: ideal for harsh environments. Top price-performance ratio.
Weighing terminal for demanding weighing and batching tasks. Robust. Customizable. Top price-performance ratio. Discover weight indicators.
IT9 - W&M approved weighing terminal with touchscreen. Ideal for industrial scales & filling systems. Smart & robust weighing system.
Robust weight indicators for ATEX zones. SysTec weight indicators are approved for use in hazardous zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

7 factors to consider when choosing a weighing indicator

Selection tips: industrial weight indicators & batching controllers

1. Place of use of the scale

Depending on the place of use, a weighing indicator must meet very different demands: Beyond general protection against contact, a dusty environment requires at least IP protection class 5x, and an outdoor installation requires at least protection against splash water. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, housings must be made of stainless steel and be designed for cleaning with a steam jet. In the chemical industry, resistance to certain acids and bases is also required.

In an environment with powerful electric motors, transformers or switchgear, care must be taken to ensure high compatibility with electromagnetic interference. When used in hazardous area, the weighing terminal must have suitable approval according to the ATEX guidelines.

SysTec weighing indicators / terminals are characterized by robust stainless steel housings with protection class IP65 and IP69K. The fascia plate with integrated membrane keyboard is resistant to all common solvents and cleaning agents. Due to their design, the terminals are insensitive to electromagnetic interference up to field strengths of more than 50V/m. SysTec weight indicators are available with ATEX approval for zones 2 and 22; IT3000EX and IT8000EX also with approval for zones 1 and 21.


2. Scale connections of the weight indicator

The most important feature of a weighing indicator / terminal is, of course, the scale connection. Depending on the application, it must be possible to connect one or more scales to a weighing terminal. In addition to analog strain gauge load cells, digital load cells from various manufacturers or digital weighbridges and precision scales are increasingly coming into focus. The applications range from simple static weight recording to dynamic high-speed checkweighers.

SysTec weighing indicators - depending on the chosen model - can be equipped with one or two internal scale interfaces for the connection of analog load cells. Alternatively, weighing interfaces are available for the connection of digital load cells and scale bases from HBM, Flintec, Satorius/Minebea or others. For applications with multiple scales, such as tank farm or silo monitoring, the number of scale connections can be increased to over 30 via external multiplexers. Furthermore, the extremely high measuring rate of over 800/s makes SysTec weight indicators particularly suitable for dynamic weighing systems.


3. W&M approval / legal for trade weight indicators

If the weight is read from the scale for the purpose of commercial transactions (trade) or for the determination of a fee, the scale is subject to W&M approval. This also applies in particular to scales used to determine the price by weight and for the production and inspection of prepackaged goods. The weight indicator used must be 'verifiable', i.e. have a type examination certificate corresponding to the application.

SysTec weighing terminals have an EC type examination certificate as non-automatic weighing instrument (NAWI) with a resolution of up to 10,000 increments, as well as EC type examination certificates for use as automatic catchweighing instrument, automatic gravimetric filling instrument (AGFI), automatic checkweighing instrument and for continuous / discontinuous totalizing.

In addition, SysTec weighing systems have approvals for use in legal metrology in many non-European countries, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and many more.


4. Connectivity

Depending on the type of application, it must be possible to connect various peripheral devices to the weighing terminal. In detail, these can be a protocol and/or label printer or a second weight display. Data transmission to the on-site EDP system is almost obligatory today, as is connection to an existing PLC via field bus. It is not only important that the weighing terminal has a sufficient number of physical interfaces, it must also support the correct procedures and/or fieldbus protocols.

Depending on the chosen unit, SysTec weighing terminals can be equipped with one to six interfaces. In addition to the classics such as RS232 and RS422/485, Ethernet TCP/IP and USB are also available. For the fieldbuses, the system integrator can choose between Profibus DP, Profinet, EtherNet IP and Modbus TCP. Of course, the classic digital and/or analog inputs/outputs are also available for simple applications.


5. Application programs / software solutions

Very often, weighing indicators are used in industrial applications not only for the simple capturing of weight, but they must also be able to carry out additional tasks. For example, in a filling installation, the filling valve is controlled directly by the scale, which automatically calculates the switch-off point and closes the valve precisely before the target quantity is reached. Tolerance check, subsequent top-up filling or rejection and, if necessary, logging on printer, EDP or in file are further tasks that must be performed by the weighing indicator in a filling system. When selecting a suitable weighing terminal, care must be taken to ensure that suitable application software is available for the weighing terminal and that it meets all relevant requirements.

A wide choice of very sophisticated application programs is available for the SysTec weighing indicators. These range from data capturing and piece counting to batching programs for the filling of containers of all types with liquids or solids, recipe scales, receiving/shipping scales, truck scales, belt weighers and high-speed checkweighers. All applications are highly configurable and can thus be adapted to almost any requirement encountered in practice. And should there ever be an application that cannot be covered by a standard program, the programs can be customized with manageable effort or even designed as an individual solution by a team of experienced software engineers according to customer specifications.

6. Ease of use of the weighing system

The best application program is not much good if it cannot be operated easily and intuitively. This requires clear structuring of the process, where all important functions are easily accessible, as well as clear status displays and prompts in the operator's language.

SysTec weighing terminals are equipped with a large color display and their developers had a clear focus on optimal operability. The input menus are in operator language and have a help function that can be called up via function key, which provides additional information on the respective parameters. All function keys are labeled according to their current function (soft keys). Any error message is displayed to the operator in plain text in the same way as the current process step of the program (e.g. 'Filling fast...'). Where it makes sense, the application program shows an additional graphic that visually supports the plain text message.

7. Durability & individual branding

When selecting a weighing indicator, attention must also be paid to high robustness and durability. In filling systems, loading scales or dynamic checkweighers - just to name a few examples - the weighing terminal performs central control tasks, often in continuous operation around the clock. A failure of the weighing terminal would lead to a breakdown of the entire installation, resulting in high costs.

SysTec weighing indicators / terminals are characterized by high stability and durability. They are designed for use in harsh industrial environments, whether in the pharmaceutical industry, in steel mills or in the open air. And in the rare event that something breaks down: SysTec guarantees the availability of spare parts for many years and immediate delivery.

Branding: In addition, SysTec also offers scale manufacturers and system integrators the option of selling the weight indicators they use together with their scales under their own brand name and with their company-specific design of the keyboard overlay (private label branding / transfer of approval).

Finally, the robust devices can also be supplied within short delivery times: Complete weighing terminals in quantities of max. 5 units are built to order and delivered within 3 working days; larger orders usually within 2 weeks. Even deliveries to the USA can be handled within one week.

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Versatile weighing indicators / controllers

  1. Indicators & controllers for filling of bags, big bags, drums and containers with versatile weighing systems. Our robust weighing indicators are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments
  2. Well proven for truck scales and vehicle scales. Static or dynamic vehicle weighing
  3. Ideal for checkweighers, catchweighers / check scales. Static or dynamic checkweighing
  4. Dynamic belt weighing or continuous discharge dosing
  5. Receiving / shipping systems for weighing of bulk material
  6. Mobile scales, logistics scales, process scales
  7. For counting scales. Fast and highly precise determination and feeding of pieces and weights

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