IT8000E series - weighing terminals

Ideal for demanding weighing and batching applications

The W&M approved IT8000E weight indicator is designed for universal use and is ideal for harsh industrial environments. It is available as a wall-mount/desk-top unit or for panel-mount installation in a control cabinet.
A comprehensive range of standard application programs covers all typical weighing and batching tasks in various sectors of industry. Customer-specific software adaptations can be implemented fast and securely by SysTec or by the manufacturer of the scale using the RTC WIN programming environment.

The modular hardware concept offers a wide range of configuration options with digital, serial, analog and fieldbus interfaces.
In addition, SysTec offers a version of the weighing terminal for hazardous areas (IT8000E Ex2/22) and a version with touch panel (IT8000ET).

Fields of application - weighing terminal:

  • Filling systems for solid and liquid material
  • Shipping and receiving scales (bulkweighers)
  • Belt weighers
  • Checkweighers
  • Check scales for statistical quality control (SQC)
  • Truck scales and axle weighers
  • Mobile scales
  • Scales for incoming goods and shipping
  • Counting scales and filling by count
IT8000E weighing terminal / weight indicator
IT8000E weighing terminal / weight indicator

Weighing terminal / weight indicator as panel-mount version

IT8000E weighing terminal / weight indicator
IT8000E weighing terminal / weight indicator

Weighing terminal / weight indicator as wall/desk version

  • Ease of operation: simple operator prompting, bright TFT color display 5.7" with wide viewing angle and large weight display, alphanumeric keypad
  • W&M approved use as non-automatic or automatic scale (approved in the EU, USA, Canada, and others)
  • Universal use: a wide range of standard programs for a variety of weighing applications
  • Customer-specific modifications: Freely programmable
  • Robust: stainless steel housing (ingress protection IT8000E: IP69K; IT8000E Ex2/22 and IT8000ET: IP65)
  • Hazardous area: for installations in hazardous area zone 2/22 the IT8000E Ex2/22 version is available, and for zones 1/21 the IT8000Ex unit  
  • Various designs: for wall-mount/desk-top and panel-mount installation
  • Variety of interface options: 2 internal and up to 6 external scale interfaces, connection for PC networks and WLAN, label and network printers, PLC connection over fieldbus
  • High operational security: power-fail safe storage of data, password protection, battery-backed realtime clock, remote diagnosis possible over internet
  • One or two internal scale interfaces
  • Selectable update rate of up to 800 measurements/s
  • High EMC interference immunity of at least 10 V/m
  • W&M approved resolution of 6000 d at a max. of 80 % preload
  • Use as multiple-range scale (e.g. 3 x 3000 d) or as multi-interval scale
  • W&M approved weight storage with a capacity of 120,000 weighings
  • Options: connection of digital force transducers, external scale interface for up to 6 additional scale platforms with ADC-Box over RS485, max. cable length: 500 m

The modular design of the electronics enables a variety of device configurations:

  • Wall/desk version, panel-mount housings or blackbox
  • Choice of DC or AC supply
  • Connection for analog or digital scale platforms
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface with integrated web server, WLAN as option
  • Integrated USB 2.0 host interface for printer, scanner and USB device
  • Up to 4 serial interfaces (selectable RS232, RS485, RS422, 20mA) to connect remote displays, transponder readers, label printers
  • Variable I/O concept with up to 64 digital inputs/outputs
  • Fieldbus connection over PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP or Modbus TCP
  • Analog inputs/outputs, and others

BAG - filling controller for bags


BIGBAG - filling controller for big bags


BASIC/COUNT - weigh/count application


BATCH  - as recipe batching controller / weighing terminal


BELT  - belt weigher controller


BULK  - controller for bulk totalizer and throughput scales


CHECK  - for check scales


FILL  - filling controller for liquids


LOSS IN WEIGHT  - controller for constant rate feeders


ONLINE OP  - weighing terminal in the PLC network


ONLINE - weighing terminal in the PC network


SQC  - for statistical quality control


TRUCK/ONLINE  - for truck scales


Standard programs can be adapted to specific customer requirements. New programs can be designed and tested in a simple way on a PC with the RTC WIN  programming environment.


IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET


IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
EN 45501EN 45501EN 45501
OIML R 76-1OIML R 76-1OIML R 76-1
EN 61000-6-2EN 61000-6-2EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3EN 61000-6-3EN 61000-6-3
EN 62368-1EN 62368-1EN 62368-1
OIML R 107OIML R 107-
-EN 60079-0-
-EN 60079-7-
-EN 60079-11-
-EN 60079-31-
CE certified SysTec weight indicators

EC type examination certificate

IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
automatic catchweighing instrumentautomatic catchweighing instrument-
weigh labelerweigh labeler-
weigh-price labelerweigh-price labeler-
discontinuous totalizerdiscontinuous totalizer-
NTEP approved SysTec weight indicators

NTEP type approval

as indicating element
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
ETL certified SysTec weight indicators

ETL certified

in compliance with UL 62368-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
EMI weight indicators


in compliance with FCC part 15
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
Measurement Canada: type approval SysTec

Measurement Canada: type approval

as indicating element
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET


type approval as indicating instrument
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
ATEX approval for Ex zones SysTec
IT8000EIT8000E Ex2/22*IT8000ET
-ATEX approval for Ex zones 2 and 22-

*For ATEX zones 1/21 we offer the weighing terminals IT8000Ex and IT3000Ex. 

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