Baggage scales with W&M approved SysTec weighing technology

Kilomatic equips self-check-in stations with SysTec weighing indicators

At Nuremberg Airport, selected airlines offer bag drop machines for passengers to check in their bags themselves. Thanks to the self-service bag drop system, passengers who have completed online check-in in advance can simply scan their QR code at Nuremberg Airport, weigh their baggage, print out a baggage tag and check in their luggage themselves. SysTec partner Kilomatic has equipped the baggage scales with SysTec's W&M approved weighing electronics and software. The bag drop machines are manufactured by Embross. Kilomatic is responsible for installing and servicing the SysTec weighing technology.

Key facts

  • Bag check-in system with baggage scale (NAWI); no staff required
  • A growing number of airlines are offering self-service bag drop systems at Nuremberg Airport
  • Passengers are guided through each step of the process in multiple languages
  • W&M approved weighing electronics from SysTec 
  • Interfaces to the Embross software environment
Self-service bag drop system
Self-service bag drop system

© Photo: Nuremberg Airport/Daniel Karmann

IT1 Blackbox for self-service bag drop system
IT1 Blackbox for self-service bag drop system
W&M approved weight display

W&M approved weight display

User interface with integrated SysTec software PC ScaleView for W&M approved weight display (yellow display field at the top of the screen)

© Photo: Embross

Flight baggage scales

Flight baggage scales

© Photo: Embross



The process

The self bag drop off-system in departure hall 2 is initially equipped with six stations. It enables passengers to check in their baggage themselves. It is positioned in such way that it is clearly visible on the passenger's route from the terminal entrance towards the security checkpoint.

A screen guides travelers through the individual steps in several languages. For example, how to create the self-printable baggage tag by scanning the barcode of the existing boarding pass or smartphone, how to weigh the bag and attach the baggage tags themselves.

The approved weight values can be viewed by the passenger on the customer display – thanks to SysTec's PC ScaleView software. The IT1 weighing indicator integrated into the bag drop system records the weight data and transfers it to the Embross software.

As soon as all process steps have been completed, passengers can proceed to the nearby baggage belt. There, they place their bags on the belt, follow the instructions on the display and scan the code from their boarding pass or smartphone again. The code, baggage tag and weight are checked and the baggage is transported via the conveyor system for sorting and loading.

IT1 Blackbox: at a glance

  • Compact stainless steel housing with protection class IP65 / IP67
  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments
  • W&M approved as a non-automatic scale in combination with the Windows software PC ScaleView
  • For connecting analog strain gauge scales with an input impedance of 43 Ohm3.3 kOhm (suitable e.g. for 8 x 350 Ohm load cells), W&M approved resolution 10,000 d
  • One slot for serial or Ethernet interface module and one slot for digital inputs and outputs or analog output
  • Internal W&M approved weight memory for recording the last 1,000,000 weighing results

Customer benefits

  1. Fast and convenient baggage drop-off without delay and independent of counter opening times
  2. Baggage labeling system integrated into the system
  3. High-performance control system with robust SysTec weighing indicator
  4. Simple maintenance and easy cleaning of the modular bag drop system

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