MQTT – enjoy the advantages

MQTT is an open protocol for communication of different end devices and is based on TCP/IP. Clients send messages to a server (or broker), which forwards them to exactly those clients that have subscribed to the topic under which the message was sent. MQTT is easy to implement. Therefore, it is supported by many devices. MQTT is considered as modern protocol for IoT (Internet of Things) applications.


  • Very widespread use due to low complexity
  • The amount of data to be transmitted is relatively small because the protocol itself is slim
  • Special SysTec benefit: The new IT9 weighing terminals alllow to configure an own MQTT broker. This also applies to our IT8000E and IT6000E devices.

SysTec devices and MQTT

Weight values can be easily sent from SysTec weighing terminals to the MQTT broker. These values can now be received by all terminals (e.g. PC, smartphone, possibly other brokers, etc.) if they have subscribed to the corresponding topic.

All freely programmable SysTec devices can connect to a MQTT broker. This requires current firmware, which our partners can find in the software download section of our website. There is a simple command set in RTC that can be used to establish and terminate the connection, subscribe to topics and send messages.

Special case: IT9: With the new IT9 weighing terminal it will also be possible to configure an own MQTT broker - no gateway is needed!


Info about the RTC command set

Info about the RTC command set

The RTC command set supports common features such as:

  • Quality of Service  (the reliability with which a message is sent).
  • Retained messages  (messages can be stored in the broker so that clients who log in later will be sent them)
  • the possibility to specify a Last Will  (a message that the broker sends if the connection to the client is lost)

Since logging devices into the MQTT broker can be accomplished with a single RTC command, there is no need to configure anything else on the device. Other communication can also be conducted completely via the command set.


MQTT - enjoy the advantages!

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