Milestones in the company history

SysTec - 30 years of success in the weighing technology market. An overview on the milestones in our company's history:

The beginning


Founding of SysTec Systemtechnik und Industrieautomation GmbH with a focus on innovative weighing indicators and software for industrial scales and systems.



Market launch of the IT9000 weighing indicator: This is the first freely programmable SysTec indicator, and it is suitable for scales in goods receiving departments, as a batching and filling controller, and for weighing systems of all types with customer-specific programs.

In 1995, SysTec also receives the first EC-type approval as an NAWI (non-automatic weighing instrument) for the IT9000 weighing indicator.



With the new freely programmable IT6000 weighing indicator, SysTec introduces a cost-effective alternative to the IT9000 model into the market. Analog and digital load cells can be connected to the IT6000.

New company building


SysTec moves into its own newly erected company building in Bergheim-Glessen, near Cologne. The premises include both production facilities and office space.



The inexpensive new IT3000 weighing indicator can now also cover simple industrial weighing applications with standard software.



SysTec presents the new IT8000 – a universally applicable, W&M approved industrial weighing indicator with a bright LCD display. It is a further derivative of the IT9000, features a modular design, and is freely programmable. It has interfaces for two analog or digital scales as well as serial, analog, digital, and fieldbus interfaces.

ISO 9001


SysTec receives the first ISO 9001 certificate.



SysTec is expanding its product portfolio with the IT1000 weighing indicator. This is a cost-effective, W&M approved weighing indicator with standard programs for industrial weighing applications. The IT1000 is suitable for connection to an analog scale base and has one serial and two digital I/O interfaces.

Initial Manufacturer's Verification


Initial Manufacturer's Verification in compliance with Directive 90/384/EEC (currently 2014/31/EU ). In 2005, SysTec is certified for the first time by the Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi). On the basis of the NMi-approved and audited QM system, SysTec can authorize customers to carry out conformity assessments in consultation with NMi on behalf of SysTec.



First SysTec weighing indicator for use in Ex zone 1 and Ex zone 21. The new IT3000Ex is ideal for difficult environmental conditions with high hygienic requirements, e.g., in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in food processing plants. It is suitable for connection to an intrinsically safe scale base in hazardous areas with an approved resolution of 6000 d at 80 % preload.

EC type examination certificates


With the PTB* EC type examination certificates for automatic weighing instruments (AWI), covering automatic scales for discontinuous totalizing, automatic gravimetric filling instruments (AGFI) and automatic checkweighers / catchweighers, SysTec enters the market for automatic scales in the areas of filling systems, checkweighers, and receiving/shipping scales.
*PTB = Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt




Market introduction of the freely programmable IT8000Ex weighing indicator for Ex zones 1 and 21. The industry-oriented design, the modular concept with numerous interfaces, the proven standard programs, and the free programmability make the IT8000Ex the ideal weighing indicator for applications in hazardous areas.



SysTec presents the new IT9000E weighing indicator. The W&M approved IT9000E is designed for demanding industrial applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food sector, and many other industries. IT9000E offers a bright TFT color display, is freely programmable, has a powerful microprocessor, and a Linux-based operating system.

Approvals US


The necessary approvals for access to the US market, UL (safety standards), FCC (emitted interference), and NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) are obtained.

E series


The three new W&M approved indicators  IT4000E, IT6000E, and IT8000E of the E series are introduced into the market. These devices are designed for demanding industrial applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food sector, and many other industries. The 32-bit ARM processor and the Linux-based operating system, together with the integrated web server, are the basis for the easy integration of ITx000E indicators into PC networks. Data transmission via WiFi and remote maintenance via Internet are optional.


Market launch of the first SysTec weighing indicator with touch panel operation and bright 7" TFT c olor display. ITx000ET features a variety of analog and digital interfaces. The weighing electronics are suitable for connection of up to two analog strain gauge scales with an approved resolution of up to 6000 d at 80% preload.



Introduction of the IT2000M weighing module. It is ideal for high-precision W&M approved capturing of weights and for filling applications with scales with analog strain gauge load cells (e.g., silo, hopper, or bagging scales). Weight value and status information of the scale are continuously transmitted to the connected PLC or SCADA  system via PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, or Ethernet/IP.

VCAP approval


SysTec SysTec receives VCAP* approval for the manufacture of weighing electronics for the US market. The SysTec QM system was expanded accordingly.

*Verified Conformity Assessment Program




SysTec launches the IT3 weighing indicator into the market. It offers a large weight display, is W&M approved, and, with its modular design and configurable software, covers a wide range of standard industrial weighing applications.


PROFINET and Ethernet/IP


Certification for the industrial fieldbuses PROFINET and Ethernet/IP.



Since 2018, SysTec has been part of the "OPC UA weighing technology interface specification" project group. The aim is to establish an internationally recognized manufacturer-independent interface for weighing systems. This standardization is based on the OPC UA communication protocol (Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture).

Type examination certificate for SysTec belt scales


First EU-type examination certificate for SysTec belt scales issued by the NMi (Netherlands Measurement Institute).



SysTec is one of the first weighing technology companies able to label its products with the new UKCA product mark.

Certification for up to 5,000 meters of altitude


Intertek has officially certified the robust SysTec weighing indicators for outdoor use at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters.

Innovative through research


SysTec receives the "Innovative Through Research" award. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.* honors the company's commitment to research and development in the field of weighing technology.

*Stifterverband is a joint initiative started by companies and foundations and focuses its efforts primarily on the fields of education, science and innovation.

20 years of quality management


SysTec receives the award for 20 years of Quality Management Excellence from Lloyd's Register.



With the new freely programmable IT9 weighing indicator with color touch display, SysTec has set another milestone in the company's history. The modular hardware design, with state-of-the-art electronic components, and numerous interface options make the device universally applicable for a wide range of tasks in all industrial sectors that use weighing technology. A powerful microprocessor system, high memory capacity, and a software development environment specially designed for weighing indicators are the prerequisites for designing solutions for demanding requirements.