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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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IT6000E Ex2/22 CHECK

Checkweighing Terminal for Piece Goods on Belt or Roller Conveyors

IT6000E Ex2/22 CHECK is a checkweighing terminal for automatic control of piece goods.

The controller will connect to loadcells or scales of all types and weighing ranges, eg:
  • Conveyor belt scales
  • Roller track scales
  • Pit-mounted scales.

The IT6000E Ex2/22 CHECK stores target weights and tolerance zones for up to 99 different articles.

The weight check is started via a scale mounted photo-electric cell or after exceeding a preset weight threshold.
Operation can be dynamic or in start/stop mode, allowing for settling of the scale.
Weight deviation from target and standard deviation or mean weight is displayed on the color screen.

Over- and underweight can be rejected via control signal outputs.
The checkweighing results are captured in a statistics file and may be displayed, printed or transferred to a host computer.

The statistics file contains, for each product, standard deviation, mean value, number of weighings, total weight, etc.

High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT6000E Ex2/22 CHECK enables a rapid and precise classification of the product into one of five weight zones.

Simple operation with clear operator prompts ensures fast and error-free operation.

The controller is available in two styles:
  • Compact stainless steel enclosure (IP65)
     for desk, floor-column or wall mounting
  • Panel-mount version.

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