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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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W&M approved filling in Ex area
Filling fast / slow via piezo-electric valves, directly connected to IT3000Ex.
Start / stop via external pushbuttons. Data transmission to PC through interface module.

Universal Use

Suitable for difficult environmental conditions and locations with high hygienic standards, as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Weighing Electronics

IT3000Ex connects to one scale, with -for instance- 4 off 350 Ohm loadcells or 8 off 1000 Ohm loadcells. W&M approved resolution is 6000d with max. 90% preload. Calibration is possible as single or multiple-range (e.g. 3x3000d) and as single or multi-interval scale.

Weighing Program

Display of net, tare and gross weight. Operator prompting for the capturing of weight and IDs. Two setpoints can be monitored via the ntegrated intrinsically safe outputs. Start and aring is possible from external pushbuttons. As an option, the internal I/Os can be used for a filling sequence with start / stop function.

ATEX Approval

for use in Ex Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

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