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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

IT1000 FAZ Ex2/22

Remote Display IT1000 for Connection to SysTec Weighing Terminals

side view panel-mount version

sideview wallmount/desktop version


The IT1000 remote display is intended for the indication of weights in combination with all SysTec weighing terminals. (ask for details about your configuration)

Displayed information

In addition to the weight, the high contrast display also shows scale status symbols:
  • ~ Scale in motion
  • o Scale in zero range
  • NET Net weight
  • ----- Scale in overload


  • Wall-mount / desk-top version, stainless steel, protected to IP67
  • Panel-mount version, stainless steel, fascia plate protected to IP67.

Display and keyboard

  • 13-character alphanumeric back-lit LCD, height of characters 14mm
  • Sealed membrane keyboard with 5 keys.

Data transmission

Communication between weighing terminal and remote display is made via a plug-on interface module (SIM), selectable as:
  • RS232 interface (up to 15m) or
  • RS485 4-wire interface (up to 500m), optional wireless Bluetooth transmission.

Operating temperature

– 10°C to + 40°C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Ex version

with ATEX approval for installation in ex zone 2 and 22.

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