RTC WIN web seminar (eng)

Web seminar in English: 24th - 26th August, 2021 /
Competence to use the programming tool RTC WIN.

Target group

Employees of our service and sales partners who design customer-specific applications for the IT6000E and IT8000E weighing terminals or want to customize applications for these weighing terminals.

Seminar objective

Competence to use the programming tool RTC WIN,  to design programs for IT6000E and IT8000E, to test programs in simulation, to load programs into the weighing terminal and to configure and commission ITx000E applications.

Type of event:

Web seminar: 3 days, 3 x 2h each, with adequate breaks
Charges: 350 EUR per participant
Order No. WEBSEM-RTC-E (English)

Attendance seminar on request (3 days)
Charges: 450 EUR per participant
Order No. SEM-RTC-D (German), SEM-RTC-E (English)

Recommended conditions of participation

Successful completion of the SysTec service seminar


  • Introduction to the programming environment RTC WIN
  • Creation of a user interface with menu selection and parameter input
  • Use of databases
  • Input and output via keyboard and display
  • Use of the debugger with breakpoints and single-step operation
  • Print format configuration and output to a serial, USB or network printer
  • Data transmission serially or via Ethernet
  • External inputs and outputs
  • Background task, multitasking
  • Switching between simulation environment and weighing terminal, design of application packages, Access via SFTP
  • Fieldbus interface


3-day seminar

Tuesday, 24th August 2021, RTC  WIN  web seminar in English, 1 of 3
Wednesday, 25th August 2021, RTC WIN  web seminar in English, 2 of 3
Thursday, 26th August 2021, RTC  WIN  web seminar in English, 3 of 3

Time: 08:00 - 15:00 CET (and upon request)


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