New software for switching of weight units

For SysTec's weighing terminals IT1, IT3, IT6000E(T) and IT8000E(T) a new software for switching the weight unit from kg to lbs, gr, t and ounces is available.

The switching of the weight unit can be used with all NTEP and CSA approved instruments within the USA and Canada for applications subject to W&M approval. Within the EU, this option can only be used for non-approved weighing systems.

The 'ADM MultiUnit Plugin' software can be ordered free of charge for IT1 and IT3 together with the order for the terminal under article no. SW-KG-LBS-X or, alternatively, can be reloaded via IT CONFIGURATOR  into all IT1 and IT3 delivered as of end of June 2021. IT1 and IT3 support unit switching in all devices with ADM (not with DUAL-ADM or digital scale interface) in all software applications with the exception of the 'COUNT 2' application. In the IT1, the unit switching can be selected after returning to the display of the version number. In IT3, the switching is done by soft key F3. The units to be used must first be specified in the calibration mode.

For all freely programmable devices IT6000E(T) and IT8000E(T) from firmware version V4.16_R11795_20210728, the "ADM MultiUnit Plugin" is available free of charge from SysTec on request under article no. SW-KG-LBS-X and can be reloaded via IT CONFIGURATOR. Both, custom software and standard application software must first be upgraded  with newly available special commands before the plugin can be used. If necessary, software changes must be made to printouts, databases, calculations and program sequences.The plugin cannot be used for dynamic weighing applications such as the CHECK and BELT programs. The switching of the unit in the weight display of IT6000E(T) and IT8000E(T) is done via the scale switching key. The units to be used must first be specified in the calibration mode.


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