Interview: Martina, order processing

Hello Martina, please introduce yourself briefly.

I am 37 years old and have already spent about 16 of those years at SysTec. I am a trained office administrator and head the 'Order Processing Department'.

How was your start at SysTec?

In my case, there were several entry phases due to my professional development.

At first, after finishing school, I worked as an office help at SysTec in 2003. I used this to bridge the time until I could start an apprenticeship in another industry that I successfully completed in 2006. Looking once more for a job, I helped out at SysTec again. When I wanted to do a further apprenticeship as an office administrator, the SysTec management offered me to absolve it at SysTec. In 2009 I successfully completed my second apprenticeship and have been working in the SysTec order processing department ever since.

Conclusion: All the beginnings were good. Whether as an office help, an apprentice, a full-fledged employee and now even as a department manager.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

I am an early riser and in the morning at 06:30 - 07:30 usually the first in the office. I use this quiet time of the day to check current customs orders and declare the new ones to customs. Then I check the emails that have come in to our email inbox and answer customer queries, make order changes if necessary and check for urgent orders. I schedule these and release them for production immediately.

I then process the 'normal' new orders. To do this, I am often in contact with production, sales, purchasing and the software department.

What motivates you in your work?

What motivates me about this job is the versatility. In principle, no two jobs are the same and therefore no two days are the same. There are stressful days and also quiet phases. Because everything in order processing is focused on incoming orders, every day is a surprise. The cooperation with colleagues is great and you feel respected. At SysTec, you're not just another employee, as you might be in a large organization. Here, people know each other and the relationship to each other is stronger. In addition, we have flexible working hours due to the flexitime system, which helps to better organize work and private life.

What makes working at SysTec special for you?

Work is a big part of everyday life and I am happy to be able to work at SysTec. It's a versatile job with a good team and an appreciative employer. You never stop learning and can always develop yourself further, and in this respect SysTec is happy to support all employees.