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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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W&M approved ONLINE weighing terminal, Data transmission, taring
or zero setting on request from PC. Connection to PC via serial line or
Ethernet, W&M approved data archive in IT3000 or on PC.


via optional PC interface. Reading of weight, taring, zero setting and other functions can be remotely controlled from a PC. Weights can be stored in a W&M approved data archive in the IT3000M or on the PC\\\'s harddisk for verification.
Data transmission is possible through serial interface or Ethernet LAN via EtherPort.


  • integrated Ethernet-Interface, RJ45 for 10/100BASE-T networks.
  • PC interface selectable RS232, 20mA CL, RS422 or RS485, configurable as data transmission after each weighing cycle or on request.

Data Archive

Internal W&M approved data archive for the storage of the last 100,000 weighings. Display and printout for verification over selectable period of time.

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