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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems


ProfiBox, Weighing Electronics with Profibus DP Interface,
Incorporated in Stainless Steel Housing

The ProfiBox is designed for the installation directly at the weighing location, eg next to a hopper scale or weighbridge, even in harsh environment. It contains the complete weighing electronics for the connection of up to 4 analog strain gauge loadcells, without the need to install a separate junction box.

Weight values and status information are transmitted to a PLC or higher level control system via Profibus DP.

The weighing electronics can be set up for any weighing range and a resolution of up to 30,000 increments.

Use of the ProfiBox is ideal in all applications which require precise weight measurements but do not need on-site weight display and operating functions, because weights are processed in a PLC and/or visualization system.
Calibration and setup is made from a PC or through the Profibus DP fieldbus communication. Taring and zero setting is possible in normal operation from the Profibus DP master.

Advantages compared to a conventional installation are:
  • No extra junction box at the scale
  • No space in switch cabinet required
  • No special loadcell cable over the distance
  • Integral Profibus DP connection.

This provides for substantial savings in investment, installation and maintenance.

The weighing accuracy corresponds to the performance of W&M approved systems. For the calibration, the PC tool PC Remote Display is provided.

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