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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems


Universal Weighing Terminal, W&M Approved, for Industrial Use



Panel-mount version

Universal Use

Suitable for difficult environmental conditions and locations with high hygienic standards, as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

High Operational Security

Fast and error-free operation is ensured by a high-contrast 4,3“ color TFT display (11cm diagonal) for the indication of weight, IDs and operator prompts in combination with an easy-to-use soft keyboard.

Weighing Electronics

IT1 connects to one scale with up to 8 loadcells and provides a W&M approved resolution of up to 10000d with max. 80% preload. Calibration is possible as single or multiple-range (eg 3x3000d) and as single or multi-interval scale. An internal W&M approved weight storage is available as option.

Weighing Program

Display of net, tare and gross weight. Operator prompting for capturing of weight or piece counting. Totalizing is also possible.
Plug-on modules are used to set  IT1 up for applications of varying complexity:

Data Logging

via optional printer interface (USB, serial, Ethernet or Bluetooth). The print layout for labels or forms is configurable. Printout of weights, totals, date, time and consecutive-No.

Data Transmission To PC

via optional PC interface (Ethernet or serial). Transmission of date, time, consecutive-No. and weight after each weighing cycle.


via optional PC interface. Reading of weight, taring, zero setting and other functions can be remotely controlled from a PC. Weights can be stored in an internal W&M approved data archive for verification. Data transmission is possible through serial interface or Ethernet LAN.

Switching And Filling

With an optional input/output module two weight thresholds can be monitored, eg for max. or min. values.
Start of weighing cycle and taring is possible from external switches.
Alternatively the inputs and outputs can be used for a filling sequence with start/stop/interrupt and two-speed cut-off.


Internal webserver for remote diagnosis or system configuration.

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