Batch controller / weighing terminals

A batch controller is used for the automatic weighing and batching of solids and liquids in industrial processes.

Such systems are used when raw materials are mixed and quantities are batched in production processes under recipe control. During this process, they pass through various stations. To ensure high quality, the quantities must be weighed, controlled and mixed very precisely, which is why scales and control systems play an important role. Industrial scales enable production processes to be completely monitored - and the registration of all weighing data provides important information on product quantities produced and raw material stocks.

At the heart of batching / weighing processes are the weighing terminals, to which load cells and scales of various types can be connected. SysTec offers ready-to-use application programs (BATCH) for recipe batching control with its weighing terminals. The recipes contain functions for automatic or manual batching, for weight checks, operator interventions and synchronization steps. Areas of application are semi-automatic operation (as an independent dosing system with its own recipe and raw material management) and automatic operation, connected to a process control system or PLC with higher-level file management and process control.

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