Officially certified for up to 5000 meters altitude

Intertek has officially certified SysTec's rugged weighing terminals for outdoor use at altitudes of up to 5000 meters.

"The formal approval of our weighing electronics for this extreme range is another important step in our quality management strategy," says SysTec General Manager Rainer Junglas.

"Even though our devices already met the technical requirements for extreme environmental conditions at high altitudes before they were formally approved, the official certification is an additional confirmation for the quality and safety of our products. Whether Peruvian Andes, Atlas Mountains or Mont Blanc - even at these heights, SysTec terminals can be used for reliable weighing", Junglas adds.

The certified range of weighing terminals for use at altitudes of up to 5000 meters includes the wall-mount/desk-top units of the IT1, IT2000M, IT3, IT4000E, IT6000E and IT8000E series. The built-in devices are excluded from this, as only the front meets the required degree of protection. In the case of built-in terminals, it is therefore necessary that project planning includes a suitable enclosure (control cabinet). Please note that ATEX devices and previously supplied units do not have the approval for 5000 meters.

With the certification, SysTec also increases the high-voltage test of the AC devices to 2640 VDC. A change applies to the power supply for DC devices, the max. permissible supply voltage is 30 VDC. This results in a revised specification of the voltage values to 12 – 24 VDC (–15% +25%).

The technical documentation will be successively updated to reflect the new certification.

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