New Plugin for an Easier Set Up of Checkweighers

With the new software plugin IT CHECK CONFIGURATOR, SysTec offers a way to automatically determine the ideal filter settings and correction curves when setting up checkweighers. Until now, complex configuration tasks could only be carried out by very few specialists and were very time-consuming.

The new plugin ensures fast and reproducible processes that can be realized without special expert knowledge. It offers SysTec users a guided wizard for determining and transferring the filter parameters for checkweighers or catchweighers. In order to guarantee a fail-safe operation, disturbances are also included in the automatic calculation (e.g. mechanical vibrations of the scale). Their filtering out is included in the parameter setting.

The IT CHECK CONFIGURATOR plugin extends the already known IT CONFIGURATOR and enables the easy and fast setup of a SysTec weighing terminal with the application software CHECK E. This includes calculating the ideal filter settings for zero setting, calculating the evaluation parameter set for dynamic weighing and recording weighing data in dynamic mode.

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