Integrated OPC UA interface in IT9 weighing terminals

SysTec is one of the first weighing technology companies to offer the new manufacturer-independent OPC UA interface integrated in a weighing terminal.

In SysTec‘s new IT9 weighing electronics, OPC UA is available as an optional internal software module. An external gateway or PC software is not required.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) is a collection of open and manufacturer-independent industrial communication standards. Thus, SysTec pushes the flexibility of customers as well as the digitalization of weighing processes in industrial production by a platform-independent data exchange between different devices, machines and services via an internet protocol based network.

In order to achieve interoperability of devices between different manufacturers, the VDMA association has initiated the project "Specification OPC UA Interface Weighing Technology" together with the University of Stuttgart. German industrial companies such as SIEMENS and SysTec as well as the PTB are involved.

This specification is designed to establish an interface standardization for different types of scales. Among other things, this involves the vertical networking of scales to a higher-level MES or ERP system. In June 2020, the specification was published as VDMA Standard Sheet 40200 "OPC UA Companion Specification for Weighing Technology" and in the OPC Foundation as OPC 40200. Work on an extension with test cases is in progress. Furthermore, the status machine from the current PackML standard is to be taken into account in the new version.

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