Fast alibi memory for 1 Million records

SysTec offers a new Alibi Storage Module (ASB) with 4GB storage capacity.

The new ASB module can now be ordered as an accessory for new devices of the IT6000E and IT8000E series.

The plug-on module is connected internally to the CPU and serves as an alternative to the external USB stick used so far. For this purpose a CPU with the appropriate plug-in contacts is used. For later retrofitting of devices that were delivered without ASB module, the CPU will have to be exchanged against a new CPU providing these plug-in contacts.

Up to 1 million records can be stored on the W&M approved ASB module. It is used, for example, in truck scale terminals with TRUCK/ONLINE E  software, for catchweigher terminals with CHECK E  software and, of course, also in customer-specific applications.

The alibi data are stored within a few milliseconds, so that it is also ideally suited for time-critical applications. The use of the ASB module must be configured in the service mode during commissioning. The type approval of the ITX000E series has been extended accordingly.

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