Beltweigher report - application note

W&M approved SysTec weighing terminals are used in the conveyor belt scale from Boskalis Environmental.

The robust weighing electronics are ideal for the billable weighing of contaminated soils in a recycling plant in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

Efficiency and precision are key for Boskalis Environmental's soil recycling plant. For this reason, the contanimated soils are weighed on a legal-for-trade beltweigher before they are fed into the cleaning process. This ensures accurate billing to the customer.

In terms of weighing electronics, the choice fell on the legal-for-trade IT3 weighing terminal from SysTec. With its robust stainless steel housing, the compact system is specially designed for outdoor use and has already proven itself in numerous belt scale applications.

The belt scale has a tacho unit: The signals from the speed sensor and the belt scale are forwarded to a transmitter. This calculates the belt speed as well as the conveying capacity and quantity.

Another special requirement: The IT3 weighing terminal from SysTec is connected via PROFINET to a PLC system that controls the plant.

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