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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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emote-controlled Weighing Terminal,
Weights & Measures Approved,
for the Capture of Weight and Operational Data in Industrial Applications

IT8000 Ex2/22 ONLINE is an industrial weighing terminal which is controlled from a remote computer through a serial interface.

Housed in a compact and robust stainless steel enclosure (IP65) it enables the data capture and recording of weighing and associated operational data direct in harsh environment weighing locations.

Up to eight scales of any type can be connected to the terminal, eg floor, bench or precision scales.

High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT8000 Ex2/22 ONLINE enables rapid and precise weight measurements.

The host PC, located in an office, sends commands for the capture of weight, operational data and control to the IT8000 Ex2/22 ONLINE.
Some of these commands/functions are:
  • Capture weight
  • Tare
  • Display prompt text, operator acknowledgement
  • Enter data via the keyboard
  • Print
  • Monitor digital inputs
  • Set digital outputs.

Weights, data entered or conditions of switches, light barriers, etc., are transmit- ted to the PC and may undergo further processing by the host PC.

The operator is guided through the operation with clear prompts on the terminal's display.

An approved hardcopy of weight data can be recorded if a printer is connected to the IT8000 Ex2/22 ONLINE. The print format is configurable from the PC.

The integral approved data archive eliminates in many instances the use of a separate log printer.

ATEX Approval

for installation in Ex zones 2 and 22.

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