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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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Parts Counting Terminal

IT3000M COUNT is a W&M approved weighing terminal for parts counting, weighing and recording applications.

Housed in a compact and robust stainless steel enclosure (IP 65) it enables the data capture and recording of weighing and associated operational data direct in harsh environment weighing locations.

One counting scale of any type can be connected to the terminal, eg floor or bench scale. The connection of a reference scale is also possible.

Parts count is calculated by applying reference parts to the weigh platform.

Parts counting may be performed by addition of parts to an empty container or by removal of parts from a filled container.

Using the plus/minus display the count to a target quantity can be controlled.
High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT3000M COUNT enables a rapid and precise parts counting operation.

Apart from count and weight all other application-relevant data for goods-in or other weighing stations can be captured.

The operator is guided through the operation with clear prompts on the terminal\'s display.

Data recording can be on strip, label or form printers. Print format is configurable.
Optionally, all data can also be transferred to a host computer.

Three separate memories for totals of count and weights are available.

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