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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

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EtherPort for the Connection of IT1000, IT3000, IT6000
and IT9000 Weighing Terminals to Ethernet Networks

The SysTec EtherPort connects the W&M approved weighing terminals of the IT1000 / IT3000 / IT6000 / IT9000 series with Ethernet networks.

This provides communication between all network participants and the weighing terminals.

The Ethernet network offers various communication options between weighing terminal and PC, eg:
  • Transmission of target and actual weights
  • Transmission of files
  • Access to PC databases
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Download of new programs
  • Remote control of weighing and process sequences.

The internal web server communicates through HTTP, and weighing data can be called up world-wide for remote diagnostics.


  • Simple installation
  • Use of existing networks
  • Weighing data available to all network participants
  • Remote diagnostics through HTTP (web browser).
The following SysTec standard programs support the EtherPort network connection:
  • RTG WIN to download, debug and test programs
  • RTG LOADER to download programs
  • PC COM+ for the communication with weighing terminals in ONLINE mode, as component for embedding in Windows programs
  • PC ReadIt to receive and store records from the weighing terminal in an ASCII file or Access table on a PC
  • PC XBase to access external PC files from the weighing terminal.

The communication between PC and weighing terminal can be established from all Windows application programs via TCP/IP socket.

Technical data:

  • Ethernet 10/100BASE-T connection, 10MBit/100MBit
  • RJ45 connector
  • Connection to weighing terminal selectable via RS232 or RS485.4 interface, 9-pin DSUB connector
  • Data transmission to weighing terminal: 9600 baud / 8 Bit / No Parity / Half Duplex (connecting cable to weighing terminal not included)
  • Power supply 12 – 30 VDC, 0.6 A max., plug-in power supply unit 230VAC / 12VDC included.

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