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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems


Universal Weighing Terminal, W&M Approved, for Industrial Use

side view panel-mount version

front view

side view

Universal use

Industrial design, modular concept, proven standard programs and free programmability make the IT8000 the ideal weighing terminal for:
shipping and receiving scales, batching and recipe weighing systems, filling controllers for drums or IBCs and for weighing installations with customized operating sequences.

Weighing electronics

For the connection of 1 or 2 scale platforms with a max. of 16 analog loadcells the IT8000 provides a W&M approved resolution of up to 6000d with max. 80% preload. Calibration is possible as single or multiple-range (eg 3x3000d) and as single or multi-interval scale.
Internal data archive for the storage of up to 450,000 weighing transactions.

Modular concept

The modular design provides for a variety of configurations and options, such as:
  • Enclosures for wall-mount, desk-top or panel mount installation
  • DC or AC power supply
  • Connection of scales with analog or digital force transducers
  • Up to 4 serial interfaces, RS232, RS485, RS422, 20mA CL selectable
  • Flexible I/O concept for up to 64 inputs and outputs
  • Several fieldbus interfaces, eg Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Interbus
  • Ethernet interface
  • Analog I/Os, etc.

Specific software modules support the connection of PCs, PLCs, scanners, transponder systems, printers, frequency inverters and wireless communication.

This ensures that the optimal system configuration can be chosen, for stationary as well as mobile use.

Ex version

with ATEX approval for installation in hazardous area, zone 2 (gas) or zone 22 (dust) available as option

LCD Dual-line display
(with back lighting.)

Up to 4 x 20 alphanumeric characters,
multi-lingual operator prompts and calibration dialog.

Stainless steel housing IP65

Suitable for harsh environment weighing locations. With mounting brackets for desk-top or wall-mount installation. Integrated power supply unit, sealed cable glands for all cable connections.

Power supply

110 – 240VAC (integrated) for stationary use
or 12 – 30VDC (integrated) for mobile use.


With function keys for zero setting, taring and printing, numeric keys for the entry of manual tare and IDs.
Alphanumeric entries possible via multiple key assignment. Application-specific functions directly accessible via function keys.

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