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Weighing Terminals for Scales and Systems

IT3000AP Ex2/22

Fieldbus Controlled Weighing Terminal,
for the Capture of Weight and Automatic Filling

front view

side view

side view panel-mount version
IT3000AP Ex2/22 is a universal industrial weighing terminal with Profibus DP fieldbus interface for the integration into decentralized control systems.

The IT3000AP Ex2/22 terminal provides a very simple way to combine the weighing application on process level with the control functions of a PLC and/or visualization system on a higher level.
In this configuration the PLC is always in full control of the complete process. Together with other fieldbus participants up to 126 devices can be connected via a bus cable.
Housed in a compact and robust stainless steel desk-top / wall-mount enclosure (IP67) the IT3000AP Ex2/22 enables the data capture, display and recording of weighing and associated operational data direct in harsh environment weighing locations.
Alternatively a panel-mount version is available.
One scale of any type can be connected to the terminal, eg hopper or floor scale or roller conveyor on loadcells, etc.

High resolution of weight and fast signal processing of the IT3000AP Ex2/22 enable rapid and precise weight measurements and fillings.

The communication between PLC and IT3000AP Ex2/22 is made in both directions via the exchange of data words. Weight values, entries, status messages and digital inputs can be read by the PLC from the corresponding data words. In the other direction the following functions, among others, can be controlled by the PLC:
  • Batching (weigh-in or weigh-out)
  • Discharging
  • Taring / Clear tare / Set zero.

Fieldbus terminal

IT3000AP Ex2/22 enables the simple connection of a weighing terminal / batching controller to a PLC for process control and visualization.

The terminal is connected and configured via Profibus DP fieldbus. The network communication automatically updates specified data words of the network participants. Commands and information are exchanged through writing and reading of these data words.

The host system is always in full control of the operating sequence.

The following example shows how a PLC controls the automatic batching into a hopper scale:
  • The PLC writes the data words for target weight, preact and tolerance
  • The PLC sets the command bit ′Start Filling′
  • IT3000AP Ex2/22 controls the automatic batching, optimizes the preact and writes the actual weight into the data word ′Filling Quantity′
  • IT3000AP Ex2/22 sets the status bit ′Filling Ready′.

Weighing electronics

Integrated signal amplifier for connection of up to 16 strain gauge loadcells (up to 6 for DC version), using 4- or 6-wire technology
Calibration as single or multiple-range and as single or multi-interval scale
Weights and Measures approved resolution of 6000d with a maximum preload of 80%, 524,000d internal resolution
50 filtered updates / sec
Calibration is either made via keyboard and display or over the Profibus interface.


Clear operator prompting via 20-character high-contrast display.
Data entry is via numeric tactile acid-resistant membrane keyboard.


  • Read weight with or without motion detector
  • Batching (weigh-in or weigh-out)
  • Discharging
  • Manual tare
  • Auto-tare
  • Set zero
  • Read digital input.


Data is retained in the event of power loss
Password protection.


Profibus DP protocol
Profibus DP V0 12 MBit or
Profibus DP V1 12 MBit with PNO profile (industry standard for weighing and filling systems).

Serial interface
One optional serial interface (RS232, RS485 or 20mA CL passive) as service interface to connect to a PC.

Digital I/Os
Driver module with 2 digital 24V inputs and 2 digital 24V outputs as option.

Electrical connection

110 (–15%) – 240 (+10%) VAC, wide range input, 50/60 Hz,
power consumption max. 15 VA
Option: 12 – 30 VDC.

Operating temperature

–10°C to +40°C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

ATEX Approval

for installation in Ex zones 2 and 22.

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