SysTec seminar conformity assessment: discontinuous totalizer (eng)

Attendance seminar in English:
25th - 26th March, 2021

Target group

Service technicians of our service and sales partners, on request, who install weighing terminals and carry out conformity assessment.

Seminar objective

  • Providing the knowledge required to perform a conformity assessment procedure for SysTec weighing terminals in accordance with the Directive(s) 2014/32/EC (for automatic discontinuous totalizers) as well as the standards and recommendations derived from it and the SysTec process instructions.
  • Authorization as representative for conformity assessment.

Type of event

Attendance seminar: 2 days, ca. 8 h each, with adequate breaks (including practical exercises on provided equipment)
Charges on request
Order No. SEM-SWT-E (English)
Location: Bergheim or Cologne, other locations or in-house seminars on request

Recommended conditions of participation

Master craftsman or technician examination in a relevant field and/or three years of relevant professional experience. Successful completion of at least one SysTec Service Seminar.


3 hours

Part A  – Legal regulations / process instruction discontinuous totalizer

  • Harmonized guidelines and standards
    • EC Directive 2014/32/EC, OIML R107
    • Division into classes
    • Error limits
  • Type approvals / EC type examination certificate / applicability
  • Conformity assessment / re-verification
  • Procedure of conformity assessment by manufacturer according
    to module D + F
4 hours

Part B – Conformity assessment discontinuous totalizer / tests

  • Administrative checks
  • Checks of compatibility, e.g. after conversion
  • Visual check, check of accessories, display and keyboard
  • Use of test weights, tables, lists and process instructions
  • Performance tests discontinuous totalizer /
    test of auxiliary equipment
  • Application of stickers and verification marks, stamping and securing
  • Filling out forms for declaration of conformity
  • Sending / filing records
  • Errors in conformity assessment
5-8 hours
depending on
number of participants

Part C – Exercises / tests / open questions

  • Group practice with test equipment
  • Theoretical examination / practical examination
  • Authorization as representative for conformity assessment
    after passing the test
  • Open points and questions



2-day seminar

Thursday - Friday, 25th - 26th March, 2021, seminar in English, part A, B + C


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